Massage Therapy

Mélanie NBMelanie Tessier

Melanie Tessier, massage therapist, joins our team!  Backed by her solid training and 15 years of experience she is at the clinic Monday to Wednesday. 

To make an appointment with Melanie: 450-218-2853  or book online:

Élodie Desprez, massage therapist, has been practicing at our clinic since 2005.  To make an appointment with Elodie: (438) 523-2344.



Massage Therapy
Therapeutic massages
Several types of massage offered (hot stones, Thai, for pregnant women, etc.).
Duration of 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes.
Receipts for insurance purposes.
Day, evening and weekend.


Book in advance:
Mélanie Tessier: 450-218-2853
Élodie Desprez: 438-523-2344