Services offered


Diagnosis of musculoskeletal disorders, diseases of the spinal column and general diagnosis.
Treatment of back and neck pain.
Diagnosis and treatment of sports-related injuries, such as those related to running.
Corrective care for posture and spine for each member of the family.
Preventive care, periodic care.
Emergency care (patients seen in the emergency on the same-day with appointment).
On site Digital radiology of the spine, joints and limbs and prescription of advanced medical imaging when required.
Ultrasounds Therapy.
Ergonomic, postural, diet, sleep and stress management recommendations.
Screening and monitoring of cases of scoliosis.
Proof of health and disability.
Conference for businesses or organizations upon request.
Legal expertise.

Dr Lepage et patiente

Massage Therapy
Therapeutic massages
Several types of massage offered (hot stones, Thai, for pregnant women, etc.).
Duration of 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes.
Receipts for insurance purposes.
Day, evening and weekend.

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Orthopedic Equipment
We offer frequently prescribed orthotics, orthopaedic pillows(Ortho-med), analgesic gel (Biofreeze), as well as the popular “hot-cold” bags, at very reasonable prices.