Audrey Héneault: Steady and Straight on the Triple Loop .

August 2022 blog. Chiropractic care for figure skaters.

Figure skating is one of the most demanding sports, both physically and mentally. We see figure skaters as graceful and elegant when we watch them float across the ice, but this grace and elegance involves many hours of practice, both on and off the ice, before they can deliver a superior performance. Falls and repetitive movements often result in injuries. The most common injuries include Achilles tendinitis, tendinitis of the lower limbs, patellofemoral syndrome, sacroiliac pain and stress fractures.

Audrey Héneault started figure skating at the age of 6. Now 17 years old, she trains at the École de patinage LMK International Skating School in Laprairie under the guidance of several coaches, including Lynn McKay and Éric Bernard.

“I know that I can count on my chiropractor for effective and prompt treatment of my injuries.
Chiropractic care also helps me to maintain good posture” 

– Audrey héneault
Photo credit: Multi photos.

Audrey also underwent her first chiropractic adjustments at the age of 6. Dr. Patrick Lepage, chiropractor, has treated her for her various injuries and muskoskeletal pain, often due to learning new jumps or to falls during training, for the past 11 years. “I know that I can count on my chiropractor for effective and prompt treatment of my injuries. Chiropractic care also helps me to maintain good posture”, says this native of Vaudreuil.

She is currently working on the triple loop, which consists of three complete rotations.“Just like for the other jumps, I need muscular, as well as mental strength” says this athlete, now a resident of Mercier.

Click here to watch Audrey’s performance.

“The muskoskeletal system must obviously be at its best for the body to performthese high-flying jumps, due to the explosive movements needed for the upward propulsion of the skaters, in order to potentially succeed in competition.Calves, Achilles tendons and knees are put under great pressure, both during thrust and landing” according to Dr. Lepage, chiropractor.

Last November, Audrey won the silver medal in the free skate program at a Patinage Québec competition. “I am rather proud of my accomplishments when it comes to competitions because I don’t skate for the medals, but rather to constantly improve myself. Still, I am very proud of my performance in the free skate program last November. All of my jumps were successful, I managed to get a high score and I won the silver medal” (click on the video to watch her performance).

The skater plans to pursueher sport as long as possible.“Skating is physically very demanding, but I want to skate as long as my body allows” says the CEGEP student, who would like to pursue a career in the health field.

Photo credit: Danielle Earl